If Our Football Players Read This Board

If Our Football Players Read This Board

Postby SU DOG » Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:52 pm

Just noticed on Twitter some player comments about running down a college football team on social media like immature children. Also stated about how the feeling was in the locker room, and NO ONE can know how that feels. Now granted, this Board was not mentioned, but it made me wonder, if he might be trolling here. First off, I think everyone on here values and respects our players. I do not see players attacked here, and any comments that single out a specific player are always positive or said in a constructive manner. This Board is made up primarily of parents and long time fans. Some of these fans(I can speak for myself) sacrificed greatly to get that very same aforementioned locker room built for our players. We want the best we can get in budget backing, coaching, and facilities for our kids. Unlike Samford Teams in years past, we certainly have a level playing field now, and that has not come easy. We are not coaches, but we DO KNOW when our team is not performing up to anywhere close to its potential - and currently IT IS NOT. We have and will continue to express displeasure with this. The VERY WORST thing we could do is be apathetic and uncaring.

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