SoCon Team Question #3

Re: SoCon Team Question #3

Postby FUBeAR » Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:59 pm

samfordcircle wrote:
FUBeAR wrote:
Yeah, Daniel Shirley of The Macon Telegraph, who really does an excellent job of covering Mercer Football, does seem to have a bit of a man-crush on Macon-native, Coach Hatcher; but that's between the 2 of them. I just try to look away and overlook that flaw in his character.

Speaking of flaws..."Walker and Marion are about equal" .... 4x is not "equal" (see below)

8 Irvin, Marquise 11 65 766 11.78 7 83 69.64
84 Ward, Avery 7 30 416 13.87 2 47 59.43
13 Curtis, Chandler. 8 31 386 12.45 6 55 48.25
87 Walker, Sam 10 24 206 8.58 3 22 20.60

88 Marion, Kevin 8 6 45 7.50 0 20 5.6

...and if you want to look at it in a purely pre-season-ish kinda way, consider these 2 factual statements...

1) Mercer returns their top 4 Receivers from 2016, representing 92 games of COLLEGE Football experience and who, last season, accounted for 150 catches, 1,774 yards, 18 TD's, and just shy of 200 Receiving YDS/game in an Offense which passed only 44% of the time.

2) Samford returns 1 of their top 4 Receivers from 2016, representing 22 games of COLLEGE Football experience and who, last season, accounted for 70 catches, 896 yards, 9 TD's, and just over 80 YDS/game in an Offense which passed 63% of the time.

...looking at that disparity, I think it would be pretty hard for any objective pre-season prognosticator to rank the Bullpups' returning Receiving unit ahead of the Bears' ...don't you?

You make a great point. I have to agree, Mercer has a great core group. We will have to have a more balanced in our attack this year.

I do think the receiver talent is gonna be surprising to a lot folks based on their experience. Plus you have to have a quarterback to get them the ball. I think we have depth in that position as well. I look for strong numbers by both teams this year.

Yep, no question that the pre-season nod between the QB units would definitely go to SAMMY.

It will be interesting to see what Mercer's QB situation looks like in the post-John Russ era. The heir-apparent is in the Cam Newton genre of QB's, which sounds good, but we saw how that style played out at Samford a couple of years ago. I'm hearing a bit of positive buzz about the incoming signee from the Chattanooga area, but until they've shown their capabilities at the college level, I just don't put a lot of faith in 'buzz.'
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Re: SoCon Team Question #3

Postby samfordcircle » Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:35 pm

Dual threat QB's are always fun to watch. Great to hear the accolades for the QB spot at Mercer. Should be fun to watch! I am hopeful we will run the ball better this year. A bit dismal last year. Like the receivers, we will be young up front but very promising.
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Re: SoCon Team Question #3

Postby SU DOG » Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:39 pm

Since FUB posted Walker's stats, I would like to mention the year that our TE, the aforementioned Devon Schmitt had:
12 29 280 9.7 2 58 23.3 Think that doesn't compare to Walker's? Now, I'm telling you that Marion is talented just as Devon was, and will now have his chance. Marion = Walker, I stand by that statement. FUB is correct in that no prognosticator could possibly know about the talented "waiting in the wings" Samford TE and wide receivers. They WILL know about them soon, however.

We are all biased toward our own team, and that's how it should be. The Bears have a group of outstanding receivers. Huntsville's Marquise Irvin is a GREAT WR. for sure. To swap our group for Mercer's, however, would be a downgrade. That' s my opinion, and I'm sticking to it. :)

The Mercer QB situation interests me. Both Riddle and Riley have terrific bios, and both are extremely talented. Both definitely have more talent and athleticism than John Russ. Does either of them have the tremendous determination, leadership quality, and competitiveness that Russ exhibited? If the Bears have a QB that does, then the SoCon had better take notice in a hurry.
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