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Postby big_dog1968 » Mon Dec 04, 2017 7:14 am

dixiechs88 wrote:
big_dog1968 wrote:
whoknows wrote:Here’s the truth:

Jacksonville State will beat them by 3 touchdowns. That’s how far we are from the next level.

Hope you're wrong and they play them tougher than that.

I think we're better than what we showed today. As someone else pointed out, the game turned from competitive, to a tough loss, on a couple of mistakes. The frustrating thing about this season, that's different from prior disappointments, is we were just a few plays (good and bad) away from 10 - 1 and not even having to bother with an opening round game. The seeded teams play home games based not on bidding, but on what they did to earn those home games. We need to play our way into that position next year. Hopefully we will have another great qb like #8 but it would be a shame if with all he's done at SU, his legacy didn't include a SOCON title and and a playoff run. We have to see who we lose, who we have coming back and who we have coming up, talent wise, for next year. Disappointed in the end, but (I believe) justifiably hopeful, for next year.

you do know Devlin will be back next year, right? :D

Yes of course, I know. I was wondering who people were talking about, thinking Devlin was gone. It was me and I didn't know it. LOL :lol: I was thinking that with next year being his last that it would be a shame if when he was done, his legacy didn't include a SoCon title, playoff run...etc. That's what I meant. The team, 8 included deserve to host playoff games (hopefully more than one). Getting a top eight seed would guarantee that, bidding be damned. I didn't think I had made it sound like I thought he was done, but reading my post, I can see how that was a possible interpretation. He's not done owning SoCon defenses yet! Rereading the thread, just got funnier. Please #8, don't leave in my account. Cujo and Butkuss would form a posse to hunt me down! I :lol:
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