Bowl Projections

Bowl Projections

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I'd pay money to watch maybe 2 of these games outside of the championship games (and I'm not saying I'd pay money to watch either of the championship games). FBS has it all wrong. The bowls made New Year's Day fun, but . . . if you want to do it right, do it like every other level of football and every other sport and have a full blown tournament. Four teams is for the birds. I'm much more interested in KSU/Sam Houston and Wofford/NDSu than I am most of these meaningless games. I'll watch the NCAA basketball tournament and teams I don't care about because the games matter and it is do or die. Playing a game for vacation is a nice reward for the players, but . . . when just about everybody gets a trophy/bowl, FBS starts looking like a rec league.

Bowl projections: College Football Playoff

SUGAR: 1. Clemson vs. 4. Alabama

ROSE: 2. Oklahoma vs. 3. Georgia

Bowl projections: New Year’s Six games predictions

ORANGE (ACC vs. top non-champ from SEC/Big Ten/Notre Dame) — Miami vs. Wisconsin

COTTON (At-large vs. At-large) — Washington vs. Penn State

FIESTA (At-large vs. At-large) — USC vs. Ohio State

PEACH (At-large vs. At-large/Top Group of 5 champ) — Auburn vs. UCF

Bowl projections: Big Ten

CITRUS (Big Ten vs. SEC) — Michigan State vs. LSU

OUTBACK (Big Ten vs. SEC) — Michigan vs. South Carolina

HOLIDAY (Big Ten vs. Pac-12) — Northwestern vs. Stanford

MUSIC CITY (Big Ten/ACC vs. SEC) — Iowa vs. Kentucky

PINSTRIPE (Big Ten vs. ACC) — Purdue vs. Boston College

* Big Ten does not fill spots in Foster Farms, Quick Lane, Heart of Dallas bowls

Bowl projections: Power 5

TAXSLAYER (ACC/Big Ten vs. SEC) — Virginia Tech vs. Mississippi State

BELK (ACC vs. SEC) — N.C. State vs. Texas A&M

TEXAS (SEC vs. Big 12) — Missouri vs. Texas

LIBERTY (SEC vs. Big 12) — South Florida (SEC replacement) vs. Iowa State

BIRMINGHAM (SEC vs. AAC) — Middle Tennessee State (SEC replacement) vs. Memphis

INDEPENDENCE (SEC vs. ACC) — West Virginia (SEC replacement) vs. Wake Forest

ALAMO (Big 12 vs. Pac-12) — TCU vs. Washington State

RUSSELL ATHLETIC (ACC/Notre Dame vs. Big 12) — Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma State

SUN (ACC vs. Pac-12) — Louisville vs. Arizona State

LAS VEGAS (Pac-12 vs. MWC) — Oregon vs. Boise State

MILITARY (ACC vs. AAC) — Virginia vs. Navy

CACTUS (Pac-12 vs. Big 12) — UCLA vs. Kansas State

HEART OF DALLAS (Big Ten vs. Big 12) — Utah (Big Ten replacement) vs. Texas Tech

FOSTER FARMS (Big Ten vs. Pac-12) — San Diego State (Big Ten replacement) vs. Arizona

QUICK LANE (Big Ten vs. ACC) — Central Michigan (Big Ten replacement) vs. Duke

Bowl projections: 2017 season

ARMED FORCES (CUSA vs. Army) — Southern Miss vs. Army

GASPARILLA (CUSA vs. American) — Florida Atlantic vs. Florida State (trade with Independence Bowl)

FRISCO (AAC vs. At-large) — SMU vs. Louisiana Tech

BOCA RATON (AAC vs. CUSA) — Temple vs. Marshall

CURE (AAC vs. Sun Belt) — Florida International (AAC replacement) vs. Georgia State

BAHAMAS (MAC vs. CUSA) — Ohio vs. UAB

POTATO (MWC vs. MAC) — Wyoming vs. Northern Illinois

HAWAII (AAC vs. MWC) — Houston vs. Fresno State

NEW ORLEANS (Sun Belt vs. CUSA) — Troy vs. North Texas

NEW MEXICO (MWC vs. CUSA) — Colorado State vs. Western Kentucky

ARIZONA (Sun Belt vs. MWC) — New Mexico State vs. Utah State

DOLLAR GENERAL (Sun Belt vs. MAC) — Arkansas State vs. Toledo

CAMELLIA (Sun Belt vs. MAC) — Appalachian State vs. Akron

*Bolded teams indicate bowl accepted bowl invitation

How to watch College Football Playoff unveiling on TV
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