Football - Basketball Comments Made Today

Football - Basketball Comments Made Today

Postby SU DOG » Thu May 10, 2018 7:57 pm

I don't know if anybody besides 03 and myself were at the luncheon today, but some interesting things were said by HCCH, HCSP, and AD Martin Newton. What I heard I will repeat as accurately as I can remember, but it will be paraphrased.

Padgett - Said we will be far more muscular, and will be far better defensively. He gave a short rundown of returning players, and seemed genuinely optimistic that this year's team will be much better. He lavishly praised Sharkey for assuming a much better leadership role already, and stated that he might very well lead the nation in assists. He also talked about the new players, and the importance of getting kids that actually want to be a part of the Samford experience. He had some very good comments about transfers and the current problems. I wish everyone on here could have heard him. I do expect negative comments, but I was really impressed with his talk.

Hatcher - Goal is to win at least one more game than last year. He said that this is the best group of WRs he has had. Emphasis on the word "group" but not necessarily the individual talent of some of our recent superstars. Said that at this point he thinks our kids are all OK with their academics. Hatcher seems more than usually optimistic. He said there are about 7 OL that he can count on, and that is good for our level. He AGAIN said that the running game will be emphasized more.

Newton - Martin had some of the most informative comments of all. He said that he was publically promising Coach Hatcher that Samford will always make aggressive and competitive playoff bids to host games. He also stated that we will have a new video board up by 2019, and that instant replay will be available for this upcoming season. He gave no timeline for other stadium upgrades, but did say that there are meetings with architects scheduled for next week. He agreed that the stadium renovation is imperative for recruiting and fan experience.

Maybe 03 can give some more highlights.
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Re: Football - Basketball Comments Made Today

Postby sudog03 » Sat May 12, 2018 3:55 pm

Very pleased to hear the new approach for a home playoff game. I understand the concern about hosting a playoff game on the first playoff weekend, but our kids and coaches work hard enough to deserve a good opportunity to play at home.
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Re: Football - Basketball Comments Made Today

Postby Cujo » Sat May 12, 2018 4:25 pm

Samford and Birmingham football fans will show up in sufficient numbers.
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