Reflecting Back 10 Years Ago Today

Reflecting Back 10 Years Ago Today

Postby SU DOG » Wed Aug 29, 2018 6:56 pm

It wasn't exactly today, as our first game was on August 28 back in 2008, but there were similarities. This was to be our first year in the SoCon, and like this year, we had been a unanimous pick by both the coaches and media polls. Unanimous yes, but back then the Dogs were chosen to finish dead last. On AGS, a thread was posted that ran for many replies called "How long before Samford wins a SoCon Game" and some posts predicted it would be years. The Georgia Southern Eagles fans were among the most vocal. That year they fell to Samford by a score of 27-17 right there in their own stadium in Gnatsville Ga. :lol: Samford would take 4 of 6 games from those birds before they left the conference, and the Dogs finished that first year with a 4-4 mark.

Another similarity is the opponent. We opened up at home with another D-2 Georgia team - the Wolves of West Georgia. They proved to be more than a little bit competitive, and we survived 21-19. I'm not expecting this week to be like that, however.

If I may digress somewhat, Roller was desperately searching that summer for another home game, as I think some school had bailed out. Bob couldn't find a team with an open on that exact date(Sept. 6). He bemoaned this to me and a close friend. It turned out that Sun Dog researched and found that Faulkner from Montgomery had that date open. It wasn't much of a game(62-0), but it did give Samford another game at Seibert. I really miss ole Sun Dog at the games.
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