Kennesaw State—pathetic schedule

Re: Kennesaw State—pathetic schedule

Postby Cujo » Sun Sep 23, 2018 10:13 pm

We aren’t going to do anything to increase their strength of schedule, are we? The 1-3 magligned Bulldogs limp into Kennesaw Saturday with three options: 1. Continue business as usual and spot KSU a double digit lead and then watch them milk the clock as Samford can’t figure out why everyone is dropping defenders into coverage and daring us to run or check down (we’ll counter that by calling running plays into the teeth of the 3 man defensive line); 2. Fold the tents and phone it in—the season is over and we have nothing to play for—KSU beats us like a JSU sister wife (not Mormon, I mean full on blood relative) beating a carpet on the clothes line out behind the trailer with an old wooden tennis racket; 3. The Dogs can rally and come out rabid and crazed and beat the sh!t out of a top 5 team and regain some respect. There really are no other options. A repeat of last year’s playoff game, a repeat of our last playoff game against JSu or our game against Citadel last year. Those are you three options.
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