Postby Cujo » Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:15 pm

I may not like the results so far and I may be disappointed with our preparation and execution, but the guy is killing it with his show. I really think he's doing a good job. The host does a good job too. I'd really like to see the show after a win, however.
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Re: Hatcher

Postby FUBeAR » Thu Oct 04, 2018 3:37 pm

Lots of interesting conversation about Samford & Coach Hatcher on AGS today. One person posted some interesting stats. I augmented the stats he posted and the ‘result’ along with FUBeAR’s post on the topic is posted below. Thought you hard-core Bullpup Fans might want to consider / discuss...

This is Chris Hatcher's 4th year in Homewood.

Excluding games against D2 opponents, Samford's offensive output has gone from...
33 ppg in 2015
31 ppg in 2016 - 94%
26 ppg in 2017 - 84% 79%
20 ppg in 2018 - 77% 64% 61%

If you take away the annual D2 games, I calculate that he's 18-18 against D1 competition at Samford.

D1 wins
2015 - 5
2016 - 6
2017 - 7
2018 - 0 (ytd) Massey projects 4. Max would be 6 (assuming they don’t make the Playoffs)

D1 losses
2015 - 5
2016 - 5
2017 - 4
2018 - 4 (ytd) Massey projects 6. Max would be 10
These scoring stats are surprising, almost shocking to me. I have added the 1, 2, and 3 year “% of prior year” scoring rates. Would be interesting to break this scoring stat down further and extract Defensive scores and also look at it only counting TD’s because of the typical challenge that type of Offense has in scoring TD’s in the red zone due to the ‘shrink’ of the field. Scoring is now @ 61% of what they reached in 2015. And, it’s been a steady, but (mostly) increasing decline. WOW!

But...I also added the D1 win & loss totals by year. This has gone the other way (until this year) though, so I think we’d have to conclude that, surprisingly (to me), they have improved on Defense. That is not usually the case with Teams that run this type of Offense, IMO. Of course, they could win out and then this year’s win/loss totals would be ‘steady’ AND, if they do win out, with 6 other, specific, conference losses by specific SoCon Teams (ETSU, Woffy, Chatt, and Mercer), they could win the SoCon and receive the SoCon autobid.

All in all, I think we are (at least) a week early in ringing the death knell for Samford and Coach Hatcher (and his Offense). Remember, they are playing WCU this week. That fact seemed to provide (at least significantly contribute) quite a tonic to Furman’s ailing Offense last week. If the Bulldogs score 100 this week, what would that do for these scoring averages?
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Re: Hatcher

Postby 77SU » Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:40 pm

Mrs77 on her way to a family wedding in Georgia stopped at the Sam’s in Oxford this morning for gasoline. The attendant noticed her Samford license plate and said, “You all need a new coach.” Totally unsolicited. She was amazed.
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Re: Hatcher

Postby Cujo » Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:20 pm

Hatcher remains upbeat, thinks 6 weeks into the season his team is ready to put it all together. Not sure what we work on in the pre-season, but apparently it isn't getting ready for the season. We do that the first 5 weeks of the season. Of course, we apparently have played the toughest first five games in football history. The spin doctor is in.

Seriously, this is just like basketball. If your players don't know how to run your system on game day, that's on the coach. You can have a foolproof unstoppable system, but if you can't teach it or your players can't execute it, something's broke.
In an imperfect world, absolute truth is divisive. There's no unity in truth. Decide then whether truth before unity or unity before truth?
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