In Case You Didn't Know This

In Case You Didn't Know This

Postby SU DOG » Mon Oct 22, 2018 3:00 am

We are in a bye week, so this is interesting to some(not cujo). JSU lost to SEMO 37-14 Saturday and is now in 2nd place in the OVC. This loss broke their 36 game OVC win streak. They were completely whipped in every phase of the game by SEMO. This week they play the OVC leader Murray State at Murray. The Racers probably have their best team in several years, and they continue to run a Hatcher type offense, with a pretty good passing QB.
JSU has a world more talent than MSU, but that didn't help at the Cape. They looked discombobulated to me, and nowhere near what they used to look like. Admittedly, they have had scads of injuries on the O-Line, but being dominated by SEMO..... really?

Their message board is, shall we say, VERY active now.
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Re: In Case You Didn't Know This

Postby funkychicken » Mon Oct 22, 2018 1:39 pm

Yes, "active" is a good description. Gamecocks are passionate about their teams, to say the least. We all knew that the OVC winning streak would end "someday", just didn't think it would have been this soon (only 4 games shy of the all time winning streak set by Duquesne).

As far as the eye test goes, thankfully I didn't see it, but I did get to listen to the 4th quarter on Tune In. The O line is really banged up, but so is every other team at this time of the year. Our one big concern is that we have nine straight games without a bye this year, and we are in the middle of that stretch. Still a chance to get the OVC auto bid, but the OVC will only get one team in the playoffs.

I said before the season began that this team has the talent to go to the semi-finals, and I still believe that. Now, whether that talent can be channeled and focused on what needs to be done remains to be seen.

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Re: In Case You Didn't Know This

Postby sudog03 » Mon Oct 22, 2018 1:44 pm

Yeah, we just finished 8 straight ourselves. Thankfully, we have the bye this week to recharge for the stretch run.
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