Sometimes you don't know who you know

Sometimes you don't know who you know

Postby Two Rings » Mon Oct 29, 2018 5:28 pm

As my beloved Red Sox took home the World Series last night it dawned on me that 3 of their players have graced our campus. When the S.E.C. baseball tournament is in town many teams practice and lift here on campus. Going back to 2007 David Price, Vanderbilt, 2010 Jackie Bradley Jr., South Carolina, and 2015 Adam Benintendi, Arkansas, have all worked out in our athletic department weight room. Price in Seibert, Bradley and Benintendi in Hanna.
The thing that stuck out the most to me about Price and Vanderbilt was how tall he is and that Tim Corbin, Vandy's skipper, had all of their players come by and shake my hand thanking us for letting them use our facility.
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Re: Sometimes you don't know who you know

Postby SU DOG » Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:43 pm

I'll give you another example of this Two Rings. I was sitting in an auto service waiting room in Pelham and struck up a conversation with this young man who also had his vehicle in for service. I asked him what he did and he said he played baseball. I finally dug it out of him that he was in the Majors. He is a former Mississippi State player who is now a Red Sox player. He said he knew Casey and had been over to SU before. He also lives right here in Pelham in a BIG estate house. His salary this year is 6.5 million dollars, before WS bonus. :shock: The receptionist told him that her grandson was a big baseball fan, and he went(he was NOT asked to) and got a baseball and autographed it for him. A nicer and more down to earth guy you could not find. I was SO HAPPY to see the Boston Red Sox 1st baseman, Mitch Moreland, hit the 3 run homer in game #4. Good guys don't always finish last.
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