Shake UP @ Mercer?

Shake UP @ Mercer?

Postby SU DOG » Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:30 pm

I left this as a question because I can find no official announcement. However, rumor has it that 4 assistant football coaches, including both coordinators will say adios to Macon. One very probable report is that DL coach Kenny Baker will leave the Bears and go to UTC in the same position. That lateral move seems strange, but it is being touted as fact by Mocs fans and also the Chat Times Free Press.

In related matters it is rumored, but not confirmed, that FUBeAR is wavering on his MU loyalty and may pledge new and total allegiance to the Samford Bulldogs. ;)
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Re: Shake UP @ Mercer?

Postby sudog03 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:17 pm

Yeah, you probably won't find an official announcement until one comes from their new employer, that is if they get one. I do know they were pretty bad on defense last season, so I wouldn't be surprised if a move was made there. Could also see an OC and Lamb not seeing eye to eye also. In terms of a lateral move, I would imagine staff members at Mercer probably feel like Lamb is on really thin ice, and going somewhere with a 1st year HC would provide a little more security. With the early signing period, this is now when most of the assistant coaching changes will occur. It behooves teams to keep unwanted assistants around a little longer after the season so they can get their kids signed and then move them out.
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Re: Shake UP @ Mercer?

Postby FUBeAR » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:59 pm

3 moves of Mercer Coaches have been announced by their ‘destination’ Teams...

OC/QB Coach Pizzo to Chatt in same capacity
DL Coach Baker to Chatt in same capacity
STC/ILB Coach Cain to JMU as STC & TE Coach (TE Coach role is not “official” yet)

I have absolutely no reason to believe any of these 3 were “unwanted” by Mercer. All are excellent men & did outstanding work during their varying tenures at Mercer.

Although all 3 moves appear to be ‘lateral moves,’ I believe all 3 moves are the right moves are for the right reasons & are solid opportunities for each of these gentlemen and their families. I also believe all 3 moves had A LOT more to do with the current situations at Chatt & JMU than they did with the current situation at Mercer. I went into some detail around my thoughts on this on AGS, so I’ll let SU Dog provide his summary of those thoughts here if he cares to.

Mercer hired 3 new Asst. Coaches before the 2018 season & I believe was a better Coached Team than in 2017. I have no doubt that Mercer will make sufficient investments to find & hire outstanding replacements for these 3 fine Coaches and have the opportunity to be a better Coached Team in 2019 than in 2018.
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