Football Footnote

Football Footnote

Postby SU DOG » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:14 pm

I have been bombarded with requests(several hundred) to do a weekly Football Footnote, so this is the first installment. The posts will be something about the Dogs or possibly an opponent. Ancient football history will sometimes be the topic, as I am qualified to recall eye-witness accounts going back so many decades LOL. Clemson's butt-kicking of Bammer leads to this:

The Clemson Tigers have played Samford(Howard College) three times. Somehow 2 of those 3 were home games for the Bulldogs, although they were played at the Fairgrounds. Unfortunately, those games in 1910, 1911, and 1912 were not very close. Clemson edged us out by a combined total score of 97-0. :oops:

Update: Dabo Swinney's real name is William Christopher Swinney. His older brother, Tripp Swinney, when very young, called him "that boy", which sounded somewhat like he was saying Dabo. Tripp was the bald-headed guy on the sidelines during the N C game. The former Pelham Police Officer now works for Clemson Security. I cannot find reference for this, BUT I have heard that Dabo paid for some college courses for Tripp when he was still at the Pelham P.D. The college that Dabo paid the tuition money to was Samford University.

Many footnotes in the future will be much shorter.
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Re: Football Footnote

Postby funkychicken » Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:13 am

SU DOG your first effort got off on the right “foot.” Well Done. I will be looking for more insights from future posts.

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Re: Football Footnote

Postby FUBeAR » Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:21 pm

Don’t think FUBeAR was one of the many thousands of requesters for such a periodical, but he wishes he had been. Love stuff like this & SU DOG is just the MAN for the job! Nice work on the inaugural effort!

If anyone cares for some additional info around our most recent semi-pro (AKA FBS P5) Football Champion & some of its history with a current SoCon Team, some good tidbits here: & here as, “...on October 31, 1896, Clemson played its first football game, defeating Furman 14-6 in Greenville, S.C.” and “One Clemson player, John Blaine of Blackstock, S.C. had his ear torn off and was disfigured for life.” said Turnipseed. “We played hard and we won 14-6.”

This one is FUBeAR’s favorite though...“On October 8, 1960, Clemson and Furman shared the same uniform pants. In one of the most bizarre uniform stories in college sports history, both teams wore a special water repellant uniform that day to guard against the predicted severe weather. Clemson wore the pants in defeating Virginia 21-7 in the afternoon, then had the pants shipped to Furman for a night game against William & Mary. Furman defeated William & Mary that night in Greenville 25-23. Furman Head Coach Bob King said after the game, "After those big Clemson boys got out of those pants, some of our guys had a hard time making them stay up. We had to tape the legs of the pants for several players."

Looking forward to next week’s edition of SU DOG’s “Football Footnote.”

PS...Mercer beat those Clemson Teams that walloped Howard College in 1910 & 1911, but lost a close one to the Tigers 21-13 in 1912. Combined scores of the 3 games: 36-28 in favor of Mercer. Advantage...Bears!
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