Football Footnotes - Why SU Dropped WCU

Football Footnotes - Why SU Dropped WCU

Postby SU DOG » Wed Jan 30, 2019 2:58 pm

Disclaimer: In NO way am I being judgmental to either of the two great universities discussed in this thread. My purpose is only to present what is hopefully an interesting topic of discussion.

November 8, 1969 was a beautiful day for a football game at Seibert Stadium, I know this because I was there. It was also Homecoming, and it was the very first meeting between the Samford University Bulldogs and the Western Carolina Catamounts. Coach Wayne Grubb was in his first season as HC at Samford and it was also the first year for the great coach Bob Waters as the Catamounts head man. Samford was 2-4-1 entering the game, while WCU would lose only one game all year, finishing 9-1. What happened on the field was nothing out of the ordinary, and Western would dominate the game winning 47-13. Two weeks earlier the Dogs had lost to Mississippi College 45-7, so like I say - nothing unusual score wise.

Samford fans that day added to their reputation of sitting on their hands, while Western had bused down a group of students who were rowdy and loud. This group yelled like a well orchestrated choir, and they drowned out everything else with their yells in unison and clear voice. The first yell I remember them doing was, "We're #2 - Where are you?" Whenever there was any Samford penalty they would chime (to the tune of The Farmer in The Dell) "A hankie on the play...a hankie on the play,,, Hi-ho the derry-O there's a hankie on the play." BUT when there was a penalty or some mis-play for the Cats, they would yell out "AAwwwwwwww...Shoot". Trouble was they didn't say "Shoot" any more than Richy said "Fudge" when he scattered the lug nuts. I'm sure that Seibert has had the profane "S" word uttered before and since, but NEVER EVER with the volume and clarity that resounded from those kids that day. They could probably have been clearly understood by someone on Lakeshore Drive, as it was definitely in high definition surround sound. The Samford side, with red-faced administrators, seemed to be in shock.

Coach Bob Waters was stricken with the dreaded disease of ALS. I last saw him on the sidelines in October of 1986 when the Catamounts were playing at Auburn, and he was coaching while in his wheelchair. He accomplished so many things with Western that I won't even try to list them, except to say that he carried Western Carolina to the 1aa National Championship Game in 1983. The Great One succumbed to ALS on May 29, 1989 about a month from his 51st birthday.

As for why Samford would not return that game scheduled for Cullowhee in 1970, no official reason was ever given that I know of. Draw your own conclusion, but I have to wonder if this was maybe the only college football game ever canceled for what an administration deemed "Moral Impropriety".
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Re: Football Footnotes - Why SU Dropped WCU

Postby AP » Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:38 pm

That is hysterical. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Football Footnotes - Why SU Dropped WCU

Postby SU DOG » Wed Jan 30, 2019 4:36 pm

One typo I just edited. The year was 1969 - NOT 1965.
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Re: Football Footnotes - Why SU Dropped WCU

Postby 77SU » Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:16 pm

Have to remember we were a “preacher-boy” school back then. What has always amazed me is how many preachers from that time frame were Pike fraternity brothers.
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Re: Football Footnotes - Why SU Dropped WCU

Postby Cujo » Wed Jan 30, 2019 8:41 pm

When I was at Samford, we got into a bench clearing brawl with the ministerial students. I feel bad about this, but a guy I decked in the brawl ended up leaving the ministerial school (for reasons unrelated to the bench clearing brawl). About a year later he killed himself and the young lady he was with when when he had a one car accident on lakeshore (they were both found naked, which may explain the high speed and the reckless driving—the ultimate in distracted driving). Preacher students!
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Re: Football Footnotes - Why SU Dropped WCU

Postby The Cats » Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:58 am

Thanks for the story SU Dog. I enjoyed it. I wish our current fans were that involved, and our football team that good.
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Re: Football Footnotes - Why SU Dropped WCU

Postby SU DOG » Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:42 pm

I had heard about other atrocities by the WCU students that day, but I didn't see them myself, so there was more to consider than just the language. Apparently, WCU won the game, but lost much more than Samford did. This is the response my post got on the Catamount Forum thanks to The Cats posting it over there - very interesting follow up. Can there actually be another poster as old as I am? :lol: ... mment-post
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Re: Football Footnotes - Why SU Dropped WCU

Postby Smurf » Thu Jan 31, 2019 7:05 pm

To be fair, in my visits to Western Carolina, the fans there could not have been more hospitable. A Saturday afternoon game in the fall in Cullowhee is an enjoyable experience.
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Re: Football Footnotes - Why SU Dropped WCU

Postby FUBeAR » Sat Feb 02, 2019 5:42 am

Great story SU DOG, as always. Keep ‘em comin’!

...Seems the Catamount Fans have quite a history of boorish behavior in their opponents’ stadiums...

'83 game echoes for WCU, Furman (this was a I-AA National Semi-Final game @ Furman

“Thousands of WCU fans were on hand, some of whom stormed the field and tore down a goal post in celebration.”

They also came en masse to the ‘84 regular season game (that was fairly meaningless) in Paladin Stadium, won, and tried that same storming the field/goal post vandalism ish again.

This time, however, their horde was thwarted by about 10 former Furman Football Players, strong & emboldened against the far, far greater numbers (assisted by their friends Jack, Jim, and Evan) as they protected the yellow standards from the ill intent of the throng of miscreants from the North. One of the former Paladins, a 5’8” 185 lb All SoCon DB, was blindsided and seriously injured by a smashing blow to his face with a wooden stick with metal screws & bolts embedded in it, swung by a purple & gold clad hooligan sporting pagan feline decorations. A former Paladin OLman rather well avenged that felonious assault before Greenville’s Finest stepped in and dispersed the unholy invaders back to their mountain hovels. The now-also-bloodied Catamount criminal was arrested, charged, tried, and convicted of his crimes. The goal posts remained upright. The noble Paladin DB recovered, but bears the scar of that cowardly attack to this day. The former OLman smiles through his anger about that day & actually quite enjoys telling the tale.
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