We have now officially rewarded mediocrity

Re: We have now officially rewarded mediocrity

Postby SU DOG » Sat Feb 02, 2019 4:26 pm

Interesting perspective from FUBeAR. I have been slow to chime in on this thread because of the complexity of this issue. I think if you are Martin Newton, you have to give an extension to Coach Hatcher - no doubt. To me, the debatable issue is the length of the extension. Like others on here, I thought Jimmy Tillette did a great job for quite a while. We probably all agree, however, that the 10 year deal was definitely a big mistake. Maybe remembering that causes us to be uneasy with any extension that seems too long term.

Take a sheet of paper and divide it down the middle. list pluses for Coach Hatcher on one side and negatives on the other. IMO, there is about an equal number of entries on each side. ANYTHING I list can, of course, be debated, but just for example on the negative side: Disappointing season, lack of a running game, inexplicable losses to supposedly inferior teams, and some say does not make adequate adjustments during game. Also, another rarely mentioned fact is that he was on somewhat of a hot-seat at Murray State. Yeah, it is extremely hard to win at Murray, but Coach won a grand total of ONE D-1 game his last season(5th year) there.

Plus Side: Good person, keeps players(Samford has one of, if not the best attrition rate in the SoCon), as they seem to love playing for him, players have good GPAs and graduate, pretty good stability of coaching staff, and Samford is always looked on as a threat to any SoCon Team. I can remember when we were a whipping post for the lowly OVC. Yeah, Pat changed the culture, but Hatcher, to this point, has kept it going. I'm sure there are others, this is just a few examples.

I have always thought that Coach Hatcher would possibly be grabbed by a P5 school as their QB coach. He can do wonders with QBs in their passing skills. The man can, to this day, still throw the ball into a barrel from 30-40 yards away.

Again, IMO, this 5 year deal is an interesting topic for debate. The up coming season will definitely spread more light on our opinions of its merit.
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Re: We have now officially rewarded mediocrity

Postby The Cats » Sat Feb 02, 2019 6:01 pm

Just my opinion, and with no dog in this one, I'd hang with Lamb if I were Mercer, regardless of the outcome of this season for Mercer. Why trade Lamb for Hatcher, when both will probably get about the same amount of wins at either program. With Hatcher just getting extended, there is probably a hefty buy-out for his contract if he moves. Also, maybe Hatcher is happy at Samford, and would not move even if the Bears come calling.
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