Baseball Observations

Baseball Observations

Postby SU DOG » Mon Feb 25, 2019 3:26 pm

It's way too early to know how this season will play out for our Dogs. I am optimistic, however, that it will be a great year. Here are some of my thoughts up to this point. Sudog03 or others might have some different opinions:

Starting Pitching - It has to improve if we are to reach our goals. Sam Strickland does not look like the pitcher we saw last year. In 2 weekends he has given up more homeruns than in the entire season last year. :( I think this is more hiccup than Soph. slump, and I believe he will come around to meet expectations. Casey didn't seem worried, and felt Sam looked better against Xavier than at USF. Jessie McCord is an interesting case. He was so highly ranked coming out of HS and signing with Miss. State that great things were expected. Injuries have consistently prevented his progress, but it just might be his year as he has shown signs of what he can do. Zach Hester is learning that D-1 baseball is quite different than even the top levels of Juco. Such a learning curve is to expected. These guys have to step it up and I think they will.
Relievers - Lots of depth and experience, with both lefties and righties. Some good arms that should be adequate to do the job, but certainly NO Wyatt Burns unfortunately, but again, not a glaring weakness here, IMO.

Hitting - Power all the way through the lineup. I'm excited about these guys and how they can swing the bat.

Defense - VERY good. This may be the best infield in years. Garris is better at 2nd base than he was at 3rd. His fielding was good, but throws across were sometimes an adventure. Carlson is looking good at digging out the throws to first base. The biggest surprise to me has been the play of true Fr. Preston Moore(who also has power at the plate) at 3rd base. He fields the ball well, and has a cannon of an arm. Fryman and Mulrine are simply 2 of the best at SS and Catcher. The outfield is experienced and looking good. Depth is also very good at all those positions.
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Re: Baseball Observations

Postby sudog03 » Mon Feb 25, 2019 4:40 pm

Plenty of hitting, but season will be determined on quality of pitching. We will not win many SoCon weekends if our weekend starters average less than 4 innings per start as they have through the 1st 2 weekends. No college team has the bullpen depth to make that work. All of our starters lines are ugly, big hit totals, walks. All of their WHIP numbers are around or above 2.0. I would imagine a change to that rotation sooner rather than later if that continues.
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