Mercer fired Bob Hoffman.

Re: Mercer fired Bob Hoffman.

Postby 77SU » Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:45 pm

Don’t really expect Young to go anywhere. His wife is a high level senior executive with PwC in Charlotte. They are apparently very comfortable where they are.
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Re: Mercer fired Bob Hoffman.

Postby sudog03 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:59 pm

I'd bet if a P5 job come knocking, they'd make it work.
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Re: Mercer fired Bob Hoffman.

Postby FUBeAR » Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:49 pm

sudog03 wrote:Me thinks this has as much to do with the player getting killed during a drug deal a few years ago and a couple more getting suspended afterwards than it does W/L record.
Just my thoughts on this (excerpted from something I posted on the FU Board)....

Things have really not been the same with Mercer Basketball since Jibri Bryan was murdered on 2/2/16 and his Teammates/Starters, Desmond Ringer & Jestin Lewis, were suspended (for, never specified, but obviously related reasons) for the remainder of that season. The Bears were 17-6 (.739) that season before the murder & 2-9 (.182) afterward, both wins coming over a bad CIT Team that lost their last 10 games. So...looking broader, the Bears have been 47-61 (.435) in the 2+ season since Bryan was killed and they were 87-43 (.669) in the 2+ seasons prior to his murder. It's certainly not the only factor driving the precipitous change in direction, but, IMO, it has been a very weighty and dark cloud that has not lifted.

This tragedy did not end with Bryan's murder. It is still a 'hot topic' in Macon and was very much in the news as recently as this past summer...and will be again...whenever the slow wheels of justice decide to un-stick themselves.

Mercer Basketball and Coach Hoffman will both probably benefit from a fresh start.
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