Football Footnotes - Final Edition

Football Footnotes - Final Edition

Postby SU DOG » Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:36 pm

[A day late and a dollar short would be a fitting description of my final post in this series. My intention was primarily to garner some more Board activity, but that objective, for the most part was a failure. What was surprising and rewarding to me, however, was the knowledge that I gained from researching these articles. I had NO IDEA that ex-Bulldog players had played such a role in the historic milestones of the NFL. Today's post may be a far cry from historic relevance of previous ones, but it is still the finale. Thanks to those of you who have expressed an interest.]

Mississippi State Debacle - It was 1963, and was the late Bubba Scott's(after a successful stint at Haleyville HS) first game as HC at SU. He had taken over for the departed Bobby Bowden, and the game was in Starkville. My roommate and another dude excitedly departed the campus and headed west to watch our Bulldogs chomp the Maroons(yeah right). Even our 'Mighty Marching Dozen' Band had bussed over to perform at the half. While I don't recall too much about the stats, I do remember that Samford made an unusual 1st down after State kicked off to us. On 4th down, Rex Keeling punted, the kick was partially blocked and caught in the air by a Samford player 12 yards downfield for a magnificent FIRST DOWN. I guess we might have made some more, but I honestly can't say, as it seemed State could stop anything we tried. As for their offense, a giant RB named Hoyle Granger could only be brought down by about half of our entire defense. This guy went on to playing several years in the NFL. Another weird play in this game occurred when State kicked off after one of their many TDs. Our players just let it go into the end zone where they recovered it for an easy TD. Years later I heard Scott speak at a coaches' convention where he said that one of his players asked: "Coach why didn't you tell us that was the rule?" To which Scott replied, "Son if I had known it - I would have" :D I think 43-0 indicated that Mississippi State was VERY merciful to us that day.

Super Suitemates - I was fortunate to live in Pittman Hall with 2 suitemates like Rex Keeling and Wayne Beck. They were both outstanding golfers and were on the Samford Golf Team. Wayne's life was centered around golf and he became a caddy of international renown. One of the men that Wayne caddied for was no less than Arnold Palmer. :o Rex became the FIRST played from Samford to be drafted, and was a punter for the Cincinnati Bengals.

The F Troop - A Rifle Corp for the band sounded like a good idea circa mid-60s. Not many on here will be familiar with this term, so let me explain. F Troop was a TV comedy series of that time which centered around an old western fort with incompetent Soldiers surrounded by fierce Indians. I can assure you, however, that no arrow ever found it's mark and no Indian was ever shot - if you get the picture. The term F Troop was a VERY good one for the Samford misfits. They looked good with their military uniform and rifles ready. I knew several of these guys, however, and they were only out there for some small academic credit(which most desperately needed). They became a BIG hit with the students, but not for what you might think. EVERY performance featured at least one (and sometimes more)of these guys marching 10-20 yards out of formation, and seemingly lost on the field, and scampering back at full speed. The laughs from the stands at Seibert were long and loud. What to me was also somewhat funny was that their Captain was a straight-laced no nonsense guy who was completely outraged by the embarrassment. I also know that these soldiers sometimes tried to help themselves by consuming some prohibited liquid encouragement before their halftime shows. Needless to say, the F Troop squad was a short-lived spectacle.

UFOs Over Samford - One warm night in the 60s about 9:30 some athletes made their way to the roof of Seibert hall to have some fun. They were equipped with some slingshots that were not your toy type you usually see. These were weapon-grade devices that these guys had practiced with and could use with the near accuracy of David. They had no Goliath, but did have a plan. At this time, Samford security was leased out to the Pinkerton Detective Agency and the officers were called "Pinkies" by us students. They were generally very old guys who had only one car for use on the campus. The athletes also had a large bucket of Cherry Bombs, and knew how to use them. At first there were multiple explosions near the Chapel, and the campus police car rushed over to find the culprits. Just after they got there, however, more explosions near Vail Hall. Here comes the car again, only to have its occupants now to see massive explosions over Samford Hall. A VERY exasperating night for the Pinkies for sure. :lol:

It's been fun - SU DOG.
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Re: Football Footnotes - Final Edition

Postby 77SU » Thu Mar 21, 2019 7:51 pm

Unfortunately I did not need the background explanation of F Troop and the Pinkies. I watched F Troop each week in black and white and the Pinkies were still the campus law enforcement while we were undergraduates.

Thanks for all of the hard work gathering all of this information. It has certainly been interesting.
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Re: Football Footnotes - Final Edition

Postby funkychicken » Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:41 pm

Thank you, SUDOG, for getting the info together in those installments and reporting them. I am not connected to SU and I found them to be very interesting. Maybe you could take a break and come back with more articles. I have certainly enjoyed them. Well Done.

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