Hatcher's Comments On WJOX This AM

Hatcher's Comments On WJOX This AM

Postby SU DOG » Wed Aug 21, 2019 7:02 pm

I won't try to give exact quotes, but I did hear him say, sometimes in response to questions:

Liam is really good. There have been practices in the past where you would think it was Hodges throwing those passes.
(BTW, Welch was the only QB that I recall him mentioning).

Our O-Line is experienced and good. Schelling will take the place of McKnight, and Fr. AJ Toney is another one that plays like McKnight. Michael Vice is a really good TE, and Demarcus Ware is a really good RB.

Getting those new helmet looks has been in the making for 5 years.

Pelini is an outstanding defensive coach.

It was a short but nice interview.
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