YSU Comments - My Rebuttal

YSU Comments - My Rebuttal

Postby SU DOG » Thu Aug 22, 2019 2:48 pm

These are very close to being quotes, but not necessarily verbatim. I'll use the markings anyhow.

"The SoCon used to be a powerful conference, now however, there is not a single SoCon team that could beat a top tier MVFC squad."

"We pride ourselves on being the best pass defense team in the nation."

"We can run straight at them. They can't even practice against a power running attack, as their O-Linemen are recruited to pass block. and they can't simulate that."

"Samford is not even the best OOC team that we will face."

My rebuttal: That is a silly statement about the SoCon. I don't know how many top tier teams you would include, but YSU didn't beat a non-scholly team last year, and they are picked 7th in that 10 team league this year. That kinda negates this statement as having any bearing whatsoever.

Actually YSU was #1 in their conference last year, but they don't throw the ball a lot in that league. They were #33 in the nation in yards given up per game via passes.

Personally I think we beat a stronger running team last year than YSU when we beat Wofford. Stoddard, McAfee, and Newman were really good. Now, to be honest, I have perplexed about our toughness in the past because of this very question of facing a power run game, and developing a good running offense for balance. I still have a gray area in my thinking there. However, it should be pointed out that YSU can't simulate our passing game in practice either.

Samford, IMO, is the strongest team in their OOC schedule. Howard, Duquesne, and Robert Morris all to be played at YSU.

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