Basketball (men’s)

Basketball (men’s)

Postby Cujo » Sun Nov 03, 2019 2:51 pm

2019-20 Preseason Southern Conference Coaches Poll
Team (1st-place votes) Total
1. ETSU (8) 80
2. UNCG (2) 74
3. Furman 61
4. Wofford 52
5. Samford 48
6. Chattanooga 41
7. Western Carolina 38
8. Mercer 29
9. The Citadel 16
10. VMI 11

In my humble opinion, Samford has a lot of talent. It has enough talent that there really are no excuses for not meeting expectations. A winning season in conference play isn’t too much to ask. We are picked 5th, behind two teams that have exceptional talent and size (ETSu and UNCG) and two teams with excellent coaches with the right players for their system (Wofford and Furman). The divide between the top four and the rest of the conference has been great in the past. Picking Samford 5th doesn’t mean we are in the same league with the top four (well, technically, we are in the same conference, but . . . . ). Can we cross that gap? I’m not interested in closing the gap this many years into a coach’s tenure. It is time. There are no excuses this season.

The questions I have going into the season: Can we crack the top four and exceed expectations? Will we at least meet expectations? Can we replace our 7’ Spaniard (the Gladiator)? If we have some early success, can we handle it? Can we beat Alabama?
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Re: Basketball (men’s)

Postby sudog03 » Sun Nov 03, 2019 11:22 pm

We got off to such a good start last season, then as the season progressed we lost our intensity on the defensive end. I think if we could do a better job of keeping more guys involved offensively, it would lead to better engagement on the defensive end throughout a season. Other than ETSU, I think some of the teams that have been ahead of us will come back to us. Sharkey's A/TO ratio is gonna have to improve for us to improve.

Big Rueben is going to leave a void. He was 2nd in the league in FG% (>60%) and 4th in rebounds per game.
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Re: Basketball (men’s)

Postby SU DOG » Mon Nov 04, 2019 5:04 pm

I am interested to see how we defend opponent's post players. Ruben will also be missed for his blocks and the intimidation factor. Jalen Dupree is, IMO, the unknown here for those of us who have seen no practices. At Murray, he was a great rebounder and also blocked some shots. They listed him at 6-9, 240, but in our roster he is 6-8, 235. Of course Logan Dye will hopefully be a good post player this year.

I have a feeling that this team is more cohesive than those of recent seasons. There are definitely several more talented teams than Samford, but we still need to see the improvement we hope for.
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Re: Basketball (men’s)

Postby Smurf » Mon Nov 04, 2019 5:16 pm

Cujo is correct. Padgett has been here long enough and has had time to rebuild the program since the B.S. years. It's not too much to expect a winning conference record and a top four or five finish in year six of his tenure here.
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