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Postby SU DOG » Sun Dec 01, 2019 3:39 am

Nice commitment that they have made for sure. However, there are plenty of examples where schools with less have regularly beaten schools with more. You can see that in the regular season and the Playoff upsets every year. For example, I don't think that UTC or VMI are ahead of us in resources. Are we behind most SoCon schools in resources? I think that I and sudog 03 both want the same thing, and that is to see Samford WIN. If we are not giving the necessary budget or resources for our coaches then that needs to be addressed. On the other hand, are we getting the return for what is provided? I'm not privy to budget numbers, but I have seen some figures in the past that said we were in the upper SoCon tier budget wise. These questions that I submit are NOT sarcastic ones. Whatever it takes to see us succeed is what I want.
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