A Samford Coach That Has Lofty Goals

A Samford Coach That Has Lofty Goals

Postby SU DOG » Fri Dec 06, 2019 6:41 pm

One such coach is Keeler Chan after last night's defeat by #14 Louisville. Louisville played 8 matches this year against teams that scored fewer points against them than our Dogs did. Some of those include Syracuse, Notre Dame, Virginia, and Xavier. Coach could have mentioned this, or the strange call that went against us(announcers said they disagreed) near the end of set #1. That changed the momentum for SU, and probably prevented Samford from the tie late in the set when the score was 22-21. What Coach did say was that "we WILL make advancement in the NCAA Tourney, that is our goal, and to be one of the premiere programs in the Southeast and maybe the nation". Now that is setting goals. His team has already outranked AU and UA along with every other team in this state. No mention of losing a starter before the season even began, or citing winning seasons. Keeler Chan is not boisterous, but he is focused, determined, and capable.
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