OVC - Right SoCon - Wrong?

OVC - Right SoCon - Wrong?

Postby SU DOG » Sat Jan 04, 2020 3:46 pm

I can't understand why we can't have double headers for men/women basketball like the OVC did. IMO, it makes more sense for a lot of reasons. Probably some expense savings with facility operations, one time rather than 2 nights for the events staff, somewhat more exposure for the WBB team, and frankly I personally always enjoyed the extra game feature. Minor details like admission charges and times could be easily worked out.

Seeing our MBB team play Wofford one day here and the next day WBB plays there somehow just seems rather strange. Primarily, however, this is just my opinion, and others may have a different viewpoint - evidently the SoCon does. :?
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Re: OVC - Right SoCon - Wrong?

Postby Cujo » Sat Jan 04, 2020 5:47 pm

I agree with you 100%
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Re: OVC - Right SoCon - Wrong?

Postby 77SU » Sat Jan 04, 2020 8:29 pm

It always worked better for us. I’ve been told the reason is Title IX. Easy way out.
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Re: OVC - Right SoCon - Wrong?

Postby Jay » Sun Jan 05, 2020 6:52 am

Title IX? Doesn’t the OVC ASUN Big South etc still do double headers?
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Re: OVC - Right SoCon - Wrong?

Postby Smurf » Mon Jan 06, 2020 5:44 pm

It's hard to believe but but the OVC's conference RPI is 30 this year. The only two conferences that are lower are the SWAC and the Southland. Belmont and Murray carry that league of course, but almost half the league has an RPI below 300 and they have no teams with an RPI in double digits.

I do agree with SU DOG though. Playing doubleheaders does make sense.
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