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Samford Superstar - Jonathan McAfoos

PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 4:49 pm
Human nature for us to criticize, but sometimes we overlook our blessings in doing so. Last week, Samford had 13 video games streaming on ESPN in 5 days. Softball games were played anytime from morning to way after dark. Akron, Eastern Ill. Winthrop, and Samford Fans could all watch their teams playing. This included weather from raining to sunshine, frigid temps to comfortable, and everything in between. Every game had a P-B-P announcer, a color commentator, and video score-bug. It was near flawless production. Jon had a crew of primarily Samford students, who he said were the best in the nation. The coordination with several cameras for many different angles was superb. Those guys and gals had to work at times bundled up for the cold and rain. If our athletic coaches could get from their teams what Jon does from his, we would completely dominate the SoCon. Another group coordinates from a specialized control room that looks like the Starship Enterprise cockpit.

Look, very few schools in this country would even attempt to do what Samford successfully accomplished. I am including P5s in saying this, and the SoCon has no school even close. I watched UNCG play at USC yesterday, and I am telling you there was no comparison with the Samford productions. The Gamecocks' softball stream had only one announcer, no score-bug, and looked like a view from the Goodyear blimp.

Jonathan McAfoos is the Director of Video and Broadcast Services at Samford. The only question I have is: Will SU be able to keep him? Believe me he is being discovered by others. Another school's administrator said yesterday, "McAfoos and his students not only set the standard for mid-major broadcasts, but I'd put them up against ANY school in the country". High, but dangerous praise. Jon commented that one huge challenge was met, but also said "23 more to go in February - let's ride". 8-)

Re: Samford Superstar - Jonathan McAfoos

PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 5:24 pm
by Cujo
I watched a few innings of softball. It was well done.