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The SoCon—the race for disgrace

PostPosted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 2:54 pm
by Cujo
As league leading ETSU comes to town, Samford finds itself in a neck and neck race with VMI for 9th place. VMI has done something Samford hasn’t, which is beat a non military school and a team with more than 3 conference wins on the season. Odds are that the showdown for the race for disgrace is the final game of the year? Thank goodness for the Citadel.

If there was any interest in SoCon basketball, we would be being entertained by a heated chase for the top spot this season with ETSU, Furman and UNCG all within a 1/2 a game of one another vying for the first place seed. It must be interesting to be in that position.

The only way this program gets turned around is if management takes a hands off stance to coaching, hires a real coach who is a proven commodity and then gets out of the way (except to support him). We need a proven winner and a proven commodity in the arena of NCAA men’s basketball at a private school.

If Samford values athletics and they value the boosters who fund athletics, they will do something drastic. This is bigger than just replacing an unsuccessful coach, this is about how we got to this point. If they don’t, the message they are sending is loud and clear.

Sometimes you have to have a wake up call to get your house in order. This past football season coupled with this basketball season tells me that a problem is calling in athletics and someone in the chain of command who is a real leader needs to answer the call.