Positive tweets

Re: Positive tweets

Postby DC_INT'L » Sun Mar 08, 2020 8:36 pm

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Congrats to all involved.
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Re: Positive tweets

Postby SU DOG » Sun Mar 08, 2020 8:42 pm

I'm just so thrilled to have seen this outcome. I actually didn't even see it until I read, on this Board, that we won. I opted for Sunday School, and that saved me a lots of stress. As cujo knows, I'm not able to function very well when viewing these nail-biter games, and I'm much older now than when we saw the Men take out Ga State. Anyhow, what a masterful job Coach Kuhns did this season!!!

IMO, the opponent nor the NCAA tourney outcome really puts any pressure on Samford. Pair you up with a P5 team that has hundreds of more resources, and you are supposed to be one and done. Whatever happens now - the fact remains that a first year HC, a 7th place pick, and a team that had NO all SoCon first team selections proved to be the BEST of them all. 8-)
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Re: Positive tweets

Postby AP » Mon Mar 09, 2020 4:23 pm

Great win. Proud for Coach Kuhns, her staff, and the players.
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