Basketball - A Blueprint

Basketball - A Blueprint

Postby sudog03 » Tue Mar 31, 2020 3:36 pm

I think probably the best blueprint for turning things around lies at a peer school in Furman. In 2013, Niko Medved inherited a program that went 3-15 in the league the season prior and had exactly 2 winning league records in the 20 season prior to his arrival. In Medved's first 2 seasons Furman went 3-13 and 5-13 in league play during Medved's first 2 seasons, and frankly, the league wasn't as good as it was now. In the five seasons since then, they have had a coaching change and have gone 66-24 in the league. Quite a turnaround. I went back and looked at each of their rosters since the 2013-2014 season. Not a single JUCO, transfer or prep school player on any of the 7 rosters during the 2013-2020 seasons. We have tried the get rich quick scheme of JUCOs and transfer players. It doesn't work at schools like Samford. There aren't enough of those kids that are talented enough and that are interested in coming to a school like Samford. We have to recruit and develop a roster of primarily HS kids and allow them to get older in the program. That means playing them before they are ready. In Medved's first season, 65% of the minutes went to Freshman and Sophomores. But, those players eventually became juniors and seniors and in year 3 Furman went 11-7 and then won the regular season in year 4. If this fundamental change in philosophy from the last 8 seasons is not made, I would expect only marginal improvement at best. I think Josh Sharkey is the only scholarship player signed out of HS that finished his eligibility at SU in the last 8 years and contributed on the floor. One in 8 years. We cannot continue to recruit HS kids, have them in the program for 9 months, decide they aren't good enough and start recruiting a JUCO or transfer in over their heads. This fundamentally breaks down the trust you have in your program. We have to find a way to evaluate and give HS kids the time to develop within the program. This is the biggest reason I point to year 3 before you can expect a turnaround in our league record. And yes, it's alot easier said than done, especially in the days of high majors using schools like Samford as feeder systems for talent, but other peer schools have found a way, and we must also.
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Re: Basketball - A Blueprint

Postby AP » Tue Mar 31, 2020 6:15 pm

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Re: Basketball - A Blueprint

Postby smalltownbulldog » Wed Apr 01, 2020 2:21 am

Agree 100%. Another mistake we have made (seemingly) is getting the highest rated kids we could get, probably by selling them a bill of goods we can’t deliver, and then they get frustrated when the program flounders and know they can do better elsewhere, and in many cases do. We need to be more honest and build more trust in every step of the process with the next several recruiting cycles. You can say these kids are “soft” or “weak-minded” or whatever, and some are, but I don’t think it’s significantly more common than any previous era. Kids crave authenticity, honesty, and something real, same as always- recently coaches today have just gotten a lot better at faking it until they get the kid to sign that LOI. I’ll say it again- you win the SoCon with seniors. And you don’t get seniors by having kids bail before their sophomore season.
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