Is MBB playing with us?

Re: Is MBB playing with us?

Postby 77SU » Tue Apr 07, 2020 8:12 pm

Cujo wrote:I do like the idea of trying to get tied in to the local high school basketball scene and become Birmingham’s team, but the proof will come in deed not words. The doing has always been the hard part for Samford. Follow through is where Samford needs to devote its efforts. Samford has always focused on the wrapping paper, not what was in the box. Pardon me if I take a wait and see. This athletic department has been full of effort on the theory and short on realizing the dream.

We have achieved this with our soccer team, for the most part. The times I have been at games, not only do we have good student support, but there is also good community support. Part of that is how much soccer is played by elementary/middle/junior high/high school students, but we are putting a winning product on the pitch. I would much rather pay $500 for a chair along the sideline at the soccer stadium this fall because I have a reasonable expectation of what I will experience.
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