FF Blog Moved To Tuesday Because of NSD

FF Blog Moved To Tuesday Because of NSD

Postby SU DOG » Mon Feb 04, 2019 3:46 pm

I will post my Football Footnotes message tomorrow instead of on Wednesday. Wednesday is the signing day and media event scheduled for the Fieldhouse, and I hope others will join me in attending.

I will maybe toot my own horn a bit here, BUT please don't miss my FF post tomorrow. This may very well be the most interesting one that I will ever be able to post. It is a little known story that is not set in ancient times of Howard College, but is somewhat more recent. You will never be able to Google anything about this bizarre, but true happening that, IMO, possibly every college football fan could be interested in, and it developed right there off Lakeshore Drive. Hope you can click on it tomorrow. THANKS.
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