Germann Cup

Germann Cup

Postby 77SU » Sun Nov 13, 2011 5:59 am

The folks that have been working in the Hanna Center since before the first of March may want to let their boss know about the importance of the Germann Cup and also how the late SoCon Commissioner's name is pronounced. My understanding it is not "German" and we do care about winning it. I was a bit amazed at the comment made tonight during the Coaches Club meal, but it did not set well with others. There were even comparisons made to the former AD that shall not be named that didn't like women's sports.

You would also think with a room full of people paying to watch our MBB team, the boss would have made the rounds of the tables, much like the HC does when he is in the room. Maybe he is not a people person and I got spoiled with our former AD.
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